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  • Song Writing Tips from Resonance Music

    If you’ve ever wanted to get into a career in song writing, this interview with Resonance Music is one for you! Chris Leonard and Jake Gosling kindly took some time out of their day to explain what’s involved in song writing, and how you go about earning money as a writer. Having written for successful artists including Paolo Nutini, the ...
  • Boost Pedals – Inline or via the effects loop?

    To the uninitiated it might sound like an odd question, but where you place your boost pedal in the chain makes a huge difference to the outcome. If like us you prefer your amps old, then you might not have a boost function built in to your amp to lift you above the hordes for your rip roaring solos. No-one ...
  • Interview with Rob Harris – Jamiroquai

    In a fantastic interview, Rob Harris from Jamiroquai talks us through his successful career to date and gives some brilliant tips on playing funk for one of the world’s biggest bands. Rob started his career playing for 1980’s pop band the Pasadenas and has since played for huge names including Mark Owen from Take That, Garry Numan, Beverly Knight and ...

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