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Guitar Lessons in Manchester – Jason Brown


Are you looking for dynamic, exciting, inspirational & structured guitar lessons with a highly skilled musician and educator?

Do you want to improve your skills and understanding quickly and efficiently?

Jason Brown is no ordinary guitar teacher. Highly respected in both music and education circles,Jason is a professional, passionate and experienced teacher & musician. Jason inspires his students and delivers with unique enthusiasm and energy.

Jason offers one to one guitar/theory lessons in Didsbury, South Manchester.

What’s covered:

Lessons are available for electric, or acoustic, guitar and music theory.

Each lesson is structured to meet your individual needs whether you see yourself successfully achieving Grade 8, or you feel you want to develop your skills as a songwriter or simply learn to play your favourite songs.

Teaching is delivered with a sound focus on helping you to rapidly improve your skills. Having many years of teaching experience, Jason Brown can help you to cut out any bad habits and fast track your way to a solid reliable technique quickly and effectively.

You may find that after a series of lessons your musical ambition will start to change as many new ways of thinking and approaches to music are opened up to you.

How to book:

Contact Jason to book here:

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