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How Much do Musicians Earn Online? [infographic]


The path to fame and fortune has changed dramatically for musicians over the past decade. With record labels now struggling to make ends meet thanks to the switch to music downloading and streaming – exactly how hard is it to make a wage as a recording musician? Is the Rock Star mansion still a dream worth chasing?

We thought this infographic from information is beautiful has done a fantastic job of highlighting the changed landscape of the global music industry. Particularly insightful was the difference in earnings from selling CD’s on the highstreet to now being played on services such as Spotify. It is actually quite shocking to see exactly how much harder musicians need to work to scrape a living, with all this change happening over the past ten years.

With so much change, where is the music industry headed? Will the only way to make money in the future be from live performances and merchandise? Are the days of selling records dead and buried? We’d love to hear from you and see what you think!

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