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One Octave Minor Pentatonic Scales


Here we take our first look at the pentatonic minor scale. These scales are often seen as the standard scales used for the creation of rock/blues riffs or improvisation in these styles. Unlike the standard major and minor scales which have seven notes, the Pentatonic scales have only five notes. Hence the name ‘Pentatonic’!

Below are three one octave ‘A pentatonic minor scales’, each one starting from a root note (A) positioned in different places on the neck. The spread of starting points means you can find the same five notes in a few different places on the neck, which obviously will come in handy when improvising or creating a riff.

All three positions contain these five notes in this order:

A minor pentatonic notes

As in the lesson before, to learn the scales you have both a diagram and TAB. If you’re not sure how to read the diagram, refer back to the lesson before. Remember to check the video to see if you are playing the scales correctly.

Position 1:

1 octave pentatonic minor TAB

Position 2:

A pentatonic minor 1 octave tab

Position 3:

A pentatonic minor position 3 tab

Once you feel comfortable with the scales you can practice them along with the click track. Not only will this help your time keeping, practicing with the click is a very good discipline and will help your all round playing skills.


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