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Tanglewood Natural Finish Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar – TW28-CLN


Price: £179.95


tanglewood tw28 acoustic guitarDescription:

From the evolution 28 series, this Tanglewood Dreadnought acoustic guitar mixes classic style with luscious tones. The Ceder body top gives the natural finish a lovely rich colour. Tanglewood acoustic guitars are a popular choice for people looking for the ‘classic’ look. If the natural finish isn’t what you’re after, Tanglewood make a large range of guitars for a similar price in many different finishes.

For under £200, this guitar gives you everything you’d need at a great price. Fans of dreadnought guitars enjoy the deeper and louder tones that this body shape produces. The TW28-CLN is no different and helps to really project your notes. If you’re after an acoustic guitar that is slightly above the beginners range but doesn’t break the bank – this Tanglewood acoustics are definitely worth some thought.


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