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What Makes a Great Teacher


There are a host of excellent teachers across America that are at risk today. They’re at risk of losing their jobs if standardized test scores are not high enough. They’re at risk of losing hope as they are no longer allowed to teach the way they know will reach their students. The rest of us are at risk of losing these great teachers as they burn out and walk away.

In the push for testing, we are crushing our great teachers. Open-minded, enthusiastic individuals that devote their time to nourishing minds, with little compensation when compared to other professionals,are finding themselves losing their courage. There is no more job security and teachers are being forced to spend in overwhelming amount of time on test preparation.

If we want our great teachers to fight the good fight, our nation needs to make the wheel of education turn once more, back to a time when the goal was to inspire children.

Source: TopTeachingColleges.net

the anatomy of a great teacher

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