24 Free Online Guitar Tunners and Apps 2020

Guitar tuner being used to tune a guitar
Free Online Guitar Tuners & Apps
Knowing you are perfectly tuned

Being able to knock out a great riff is obviously awesome, but if you’re not in tune it’s going to sound like an embarrassing painful mess. No one wants that.

Thankfully the internet and mobile apps are here to save us all from such pain. Gone are the days of worrying about your tuner running out of battery, or having to hunt for a piano to use as a reference (which was probably also out of tune). I even remember having a tuning fork – something I’d highly recommend for those looking for a retro solution to their tuning woes.

For those of us with a bit more sense, and in need of an easy option…

Just from a quick trawl through the first few pages of Google (other search engines are available) it didn’t take long to realise that many kind websites have released their own online tuners. Hopping over to Google Play showed a massive selection of guitar tuners available for use on your phone.

Here’s a list of 24 FREE resources you can use next time you find yourself needing a guitar tuner.

Hope it’s useful!


Top 10 free Android guitar tuning apps:

The benefit to installing an app over a browser based tuner is that most of these work just like the tuner’s you’re used to. I.e, you play a note and adjust until the tuner tells you you’ve got the pitch just right. Now, considering that a standard electronic guitar tuner costs £10+, the thought of getting the same functionality for free is pretty astonishing.

Some of the options below offer a paid upgrade to an app including all sorts of toys from metronomes to backing tracks and so on. Well worth considering if you find the free version useful.

With an app on your phone, you’ll never be far away from your tuner. So there’s really no excuse at all to ever being out of tune!


Guitar Tuna

This is my go to app on my Samsung S10. Guitar Tuna’s interface is very easy to use – just make sure there are no other sounds around you like music, TV…kids shouting!

Guitar Tuna App
Guitar Tuna App Super clean interface


The best thing about Guitar Tuna is it’s chord library, which also comes with the free version.  I was just learning CMaj7 in different positions and voicings and the chord library lets you flick through them with east-to-read fingerings.

GuitarTuna Chord Library
Quickly finding a CMaj7 chord with Guitar Tuna’s chord library


Google Play


Other apps that will help you tune your guitar

PitchLab Guitar Tuner

Chromatic Guitar Tuner

PitchLab Guitar Tuner (LITE)

Guitar Tuner Free

Simple Guitar Tuner

GStrings Free

Thomann Official

Fine Chromatic Tuner

14 Free online, browser based tuners:

Browser based tuners are a great alternative for the dusty piano, and most serve as a simple reference point from which to tune your guitar by ear. Some of the better more complex tuners offer a range of alternative tunings which can be massively useful if you’re starting to experiment.

The visual quality ranges quite a bit in the list below, with some of the bigger brands (Fender etc.) clearly having far more budget to sink into design and development. Whether you’re looking for something that looks amazing, or just a quick reference point – you should find what you need below.

Here’s a list of desktop based sites that will help you tune your guitar.

8 Notes.com



Pro Guitar Tuner


Get Tuned

Guitar for Beginners




Guitar Tricks





Guitar Speed Building Secrets
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