Best Guitar Loop Pedals

best looper pedals

When a guitarist goes looking for some of the best guitar loop pedals, they tend to grow some sort of confusion. This is because making a choice out of the wide range of existing guitar loop pedals can be really tasking.

The unchanging fact is that when hoping to bring a boost in your life band/performances, introducing guitar loop pedals to your electric or acoustic guitar can bring the boost you are looking for.

Not only that, but you also get the chance to wake up the creative side to you that you are yet to meet.

Since it has become the utmost desire of many guitarists to choose a good loop pedal for their guitar, we’ve decided to create a review that will help your decision.

Review of the best guitar loop pedals

1. LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Guitar Looper


LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Guitar Looper


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LEKATO is a name that rings a bell when it comes to the music industry.

There are lots of musical instruments made under the LEKATO brand, and it has helped a lot of musicians to effectively build their musical careers.

One such musical instrument is the LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Guitar Looper. This guitar loop pedal is loaded with a lot of features that make it every guitarist’s first choice.

It records for about 40 minutes while supporting a superposition recording that has no limit.

LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Guitar Looper makes use of its 48K/24bit to create an unmatched tone which gives your audience a feel of your professionalism.

With LEKATO Guitar Effect Pedal Guitar Looper, you have access to unlimited flexibility. This is because you can overdub, playback, stop, undo, redo, delete, etc through the single footswitch controls available. It has an external pedal that offers you room to operate conveniently.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Its operations are flexible
  • It has an in-built sensitive tuning function.


  • Gets messy when the timing is off.

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2. Boss RC-1 loop station


Boss RC-1 loop station

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When making the decision to buy a guitar loop pedal, chances are that you will look out for one that supports every kind of user right?

Boss Rc-1 Loop Station is one of those guitar loop pedals that allows you to have that. It’s a simple pedal that allows even the newest beginner smooth access to it.

Not only is it user-friendly, but Boss RC-1 also offers you a chance to have loads of fun while recording with it.

Many musicians and guitarists can attest to the fact that Boss RC-1 is a very affordable looper.

It’s also very easy and offers a straightforward mode of operation as you go through the process of overdubbing, undoing, redoing, etc

The innovative loop indicator that’s located at the top panel contains the 24 LED segment. The 24 segments LED is often distributed in a circular way.

The guitar loop pedal allows you to know and understand the status of all the modes present in it.

There’s a high tendency for you to record some of the advanced stage performances you imagined earlier. You can achieve this with the stereo which runs on a maximum of 12 minutes/recording time.

You can couple the stereo amplifiers and effects and with the stereo in and out jack. Using this feature will allow you to create a connection with some other stereo instruments/devices.

To have a perfect looping time, you can trust Boss RC-1 as it promises to grant you that!


  • It’s easy and straightforward
  • It can be joined with the optional AC adapter.
  • It comes with a five years warranty


  • Low battery life.

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3. Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal


Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

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As a guitarist, owning a Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal can cause a huge turnaround in your musical career.

This is owing to the fact that this piece consists of a lot of useful features that will make a whole lot of meaning to your performances.

It allows you to loop for about 10 minutes while supporting an unlimited operation of undoing, redoing, overdub, etc functions.

The Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal is suitable for all beginners as it allows the combination of quality and simplicity to illuminate a user’s creativity.

It also allows the importation and exportation of loops from PC and Mac at about 44.1 kHz, 24 bit. It also displays the working status of the looper.

Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal features three models which include the normal mode, the 1/ 2 mode, and the reverse mode.

Through these modes, looping with this guitar loop pedal makes everything easier for anyone who adopts it.

For every musician who craves to own an easy, class, convenient, and long-lasting guitar loop pedal, Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal is one you can trust with that.

The design is very small and classic. It also assures your convenience and durability for as long as you own it. There’s no boring time with it. There’s so much fun!


  • Good loop
  • It’s easy to control/use
  • It’s durable
  • Offers a speed playback recording.


  • There’s no power adapter

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4. Donner Deluxe Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Station


Donner Deluxe Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Station

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Donner Deluxe Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Station is the second guitar loop pedal from the Donner brand that we would be looking at.

Otherwise known as the charming twin pedal, Donner Deluxe Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Station is one that will allow a guitarist to effectively and efficiently set his loops and put the effects in place without having to interrupt the play or recording time.

It comes with a bypass and a lot of other functions such as an analogue dry-through. These functions are to ensure that the sounds which come afterwards are simple yet beautiful.

The body of the charming twin pedal is one to look forward to. It consists of the mode buttons that allow you to have an easy operation.

When you want to record with it, you would need to step repeatedly on the footswitch when it’s in its stopped state for at least 2 seconds.

However, the Donner Deluxe looper may have a possible downside which might cause a lot of people to avoid purchasing it.

The product isn’t produced in a country that speaks English. This has caused a lot of people difficulty as regards comprehending what’s been written in the user manual.

As you already know, not everyone would want to go through the stress of checking online platforms for instructions all the time.

Asides from this factor, the product still offers you a good chance of having a great guitar time!

The function buttons are something to look forward to because they present you with different effects to play with. Some of these effects include; letting you reverse your dubs and play them alongside.

Also, you can easily layer up your sounds while maintaining the quality through the help of the high-quality overdub system.


  • It has an excellent looper pedal
  • It’s Affordable
  • It’s convenient


  • Incomprehensible user manual
  • Quality control problems.

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5. Ammoon AP-09 Nano Loop Electric Guitar Effect


Ammoon AP-09 Nano Loop Electric Guitar Effect

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Ammoon AP-09 Nano Loop Electric Guitar Effect is one looper that should be found in every guitarist’s pack.

It has a one-knob feature that consists of all the function buttons such as: undo/redo, erase, and record.
Since there’s no inclusion of the power adapter, you would be needing an amplifier in order to have good practice with this loop pedal even when you have a headphone with you.

In terms of uploading audio files, you are allowed to use your computer to upload only WAV audio files to your looper.

For efficient use of the Ammoon AP-09 Nano Loop Electric Guitar Effect, bear in mind that you need to use a positive outside and negative inside pole power adapter that runs on a DC 9V 500 mA.


  • It’s convenient
  • It’s durable
  • It supports simple operation
  • Allows the upload and download of audio files from PC.


  • Absence of power adapter

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6. TC Electronic Electronic Ditto Looper

TC Electronic Electronic Ditto Looper


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For the continued success of guitarists, TC Electronic electronic Ditto Looper was designed to help and make the process of looping a lot easier.

This product does nothing but helps you to loop and loop while making sure that you maintain a beautiful tone that’s unaltered.

It has a one-knob button which tends to make people think that it’s unequal to the task, but that’s not it.

The one-knob actually has all the essential functions of a looper embedded in it. They include the; redo, redo, erase, delete, and record buttons.

If you are looking for a guitar loop pedal that’s very portable, affordable and still gives off a very sweet tone during a performance, then you just might be looking for this looper.

TC Electronic electronic Ditto Looper, regardless of how small might seem, performs as though all technical supports were exhausted in making it one of the best Guitars loopers you can get around.

You are sure of recovering your recordings/sounds even when the looper is off. This is because the true bypass which comes as one of the features will help retain your records.

While a lot of people might express disappointment as regards the small nature of this product, others understand the space you get to save just by purchasing it.

Unlike every other kind of looper, Ditto can be mounted on any spot, or any place not regarding how filled up the place is with people. This is one of the major factors to consider as this quality is rare in most guitar loopers.

For guitarists and musicians who are just starting out their careers, Ditto has one loop pedal that meets the fears and concerns of every beginner.

It’s affordable, it allows you to build your creativity, and it’s very simple when it comes to operation.
Through its one-knob feature, you do not need to worry about so many buttons to activate in order to carry out certain functions.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper is every guitarist’s friend.


  • It’s portable
  • Supports unlimited overdubs
  • Supports high-quality uncompressed audio of 24 bit.


  • Poor looping time

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the easiest loop pedal to use?

A: Some of the easiest loop pedals to use include:

  • Lekato Looper: it’s a very affordable loop pedal; can be easily gotten at the rate of $50, or less.
  • DigiTech JamMan Stereo.
  • DigiTech JamMan Express XT
  • Boss RC-3 Loop Station
  • TC Electronic Ditto Looper: it’s very easy to use and most suitable for beginners
  • Nux Loop Core Deluxe Bundle
  • CNZ Audio RePete GLP-50
  • Electro-Harmonix Nano Looper 360

Q: What loop pedal does Ed Sheeran use?

A: Ed Sheeran uses the RC-30 loop pedals. It’s the major loop pedal that he uses.
Most of the times he was asked to perform live, Ed Sheeran had used the Boss RC-30 looper repeatedly. This has made him the most recognized loop pedal user in the UK.

Q: Are loop pedals worth it?

A: Yes. As a budding guitarist, you need to keep a record of your sounds and beats. One of the numerous ways that you can ensure this is by implementing the loop pedals.

It’s an essential part of every guitarist’s career and should be one of the first considerations in every live performance pack.

Q: Where should a loop pedal go?

A: Basically, loop pedals are used to record sounds. They aren’t used for creating effects.

So to be able to ensure the playback of your recorded sounds, the looper should be set up towards the end of the guitar chain. This is to enable a clear recording of your sounds.

Q: Why are loop pedals so expensive?

A: Because they are new to the guitar market and it seems the demands are becoming really higher.

Unlike some other pedals, loopers tend to be very expensive, and they are totally worth every penny because they bring a whole new change to sound recordings.


Here’s a comprehensive highlight of the best guitar loop pedals. You can choose from any of them, and best believe that you are going to have some great results.

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