Who am I?

I am a completely self-taught guitar player with over 50 years of musical experiences I draw on to tutor folk who want to commit to learning about the guitar.  I toured professionally for 3 years in the mid 1970’s completing two 9-month tours of USA schools and colleges with a rock band before settling back into family life playing rock and blues gigs to the present day.  I have a 3-piece blues band which focuses purely on live blues jamming gigs we have created as a band playing around my home city of Wolverhampton.  My aim is to keep music totally live in the true sense of the word with the minimum of digital techniques prevalent in so many so-called ‘live’ events.

What’s covered?

After an introductory lesson that focuses on working out the breadth of any initial knowledge you have I move quickly onto;

  • Finding out the songs and music genre that interests you most.
  • We agree on some songs and learn how to accompany on the guitar at the level we have discovered will work.
  • Once a song is covered to an acceptable level we then explore the actual techniques that advance the guitar accompaniment to the next level.
  • Basic musical notation is then transferred to playable scales on the guitar against second guitar accompaniment.

For more details on how to contact me and my read more about my background;

What’s different or unique?

My guitar experience is one gained and advanced through many years of purely live playing.  This has covered hard rock in front of audiences ranging from the large auditoriums of the USA to the ambience of pub-band performance blues along as well as more intimate cabaret style acoustic mainstream popular songs.  My approach is totally hands-on discovering what works to entertain simply friends and family or standing up with confidence down at the local open mike night and achieve a round of applause.

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I teach what you need to know to make it work.