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Easy Songs to Play on Guitar with Simple Chords


To summarise all you have learnt in this set, this lesson contains a variation of chord sequences that include the chords you have learnt.

First of all, lets go back to ‘Time of Your Life’ by Green Day and look at the second line of the verse as well as the first line we looked at earlier. Again, lets keep the rhythm nice and simple, but if you know the song well and you’re confident enough to do so, try expanding the rhythm to sound more like the actual recording of the song.

Time of your Life

time of your life guitar chords

Next up we have a sequence that includes A, D, E and G. Make sure you play each line the correct amount of times and then move swiftly onto the next line. Check with the video to make sure you are playing the sequence correctly.

Pain Killer

Pain Killer Guitar Chords

image credit – 60mls

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