benefits of playing the electric guitar. Man playing outside with amazing view in background

Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

It’s often said that music can soothe the soul. Simply listening to music has many benefits, but learning to play an instrument can be even ...
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Mike Kerr on stage playing live

How to Play Guitar like Mike Kerr from Royal Blood

If you’ve seen Royal Blood live, listened to their fantastic debut record, or just watched some of their performances on YouTube, you’ll be familiar with ...
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who invested electric guitars?

History Of The Electric Guitar

In this article, we’ll be going down memory lane to learn about the history of electric guitars. The electric guitar is often referred to as ...
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Traditional metronome ticking

What is a Metronome?

A metronome is a mechanical or electronic tool used by musicians to keep a steady tempo when practicing. It can also be in software, like ...
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RockJam RJEG01-SK-BK Full Size Electric Guitar Review

The RockJam RJEG01-SK-BK Electric guitar is perfect for beginners. It contains all the basics that a guitarist requires. Inside the kit, you will find: A ...
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best looper pedals

Best Guitar Loop Pedals

When a guitarist goes looking for some of the best guitar loop pedals, they tend to grow some sort of confusion. This is because making ...
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