Gone are the days when as a beginner guitarist you have to spend what feels like an age riffling through books, only to buy something that’s just not what you wanted. You wanted to learn some awesome chops, but you find yourself banging out three blind mice. Dang!

YouTube has revolutionised learning – from unblocking a toilet, to cooking your favourite meal, to of course learning guitar. Some might say it takes the ‘hunt’ out of the process, but we think it’s bloody marvellous.

So with that, what channels offer the best learning experience, and where should you be rushing to click subscribe?

Here’s our 10 channels we think you need to know about.

1. Andy Guitar – view

Andy’s a pleasant, smiley chap with a channel packed full of useful videos for beginners:

2. Guitarlessons.com – view

Super-slick, professional outfit covering a massive amount of material from beginner level through to advanced:

3. Martyzsongs – view

Again, a great mix of material with a nice dose of humour thrown into the mix. Hell, he’s even got a ‘Z’ in his name:

4. Guitarjamz.com – view

We really like the blues, and Guitarjamz.com has that covered in spades. Also features our friend Marty. And also has a ‘Z’ in the name. I’m thinking we need a ‘Z’:

5. Let’s Play Guitar! – view

Want to learn how to play your favorite pop songs? Let’s Play Guitar is the place to be, with everything from Mr Bieber through to One Direction:

6. JustinGuitar Songs – view

With an impressive 500k subscribers and over 147 million channel views, there must be something worth investigating here:

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7. MGB Music Lessons – view

Some really nicely shot videos here, and what we really like – Mike takes requests. So, if you’re dying to learn a tune and can’t figure out how, he’s happy to show you:

8. The Guitar Nick – view

What really helps when watching instruction videos is a detailed view of both hands. Nicks’ got that covered with some really clever shots, making watching and learning super easy:

9. GCH Guitar Academy – view

A channel born from a reputation and history of teaching guitar via multimedia. Expect slick videos intertwined with charts and notation:

10. Rocksmith – view

Famous for their ‘learn guitar in 60 days’ challenge and a genius piece of tuition software, you’ll find a brilliantly entertaining and structured channel full of awesome tips and tricks. Sweet!

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