In today’s quick tip video we’re going to be looking at a really simple exercise you can use to get the fingers moving at the beginning of your practice session – Batman!

That’s right. There’s a load of exercises and tricks you can use to improve finger control, but this simple little tune is a fun way to do the job.

Watch the video tutorial:

So, we’re going to be playing it all on the fifth string. It’s only three notes, and starts on the seventh fret, moves down to the sixth, then the fifth fret, and then you move back up to finish on the seventh fret.

It really couldn’t be any easier. To complete the tune, play each note twice. Here’s the TAB:

When using Batman theme tune to warm up, it’s super important that you follow a few rules. Firstly, make sure you use three fingers on the left hand, one for each note. In this position, we’re using the third finger for the 7th fret, the second finger for the 6th fret, and the first finger for the 5th fret. It’s really important that you’re disciplined with this otherwise you won’t really be improving your left hand control.

Secondly, with the pick you’ll note that I’m using alternate picking, following a down-up, down-up repetition. Again, being disciplined with this will really help to improve your control and get you warmed up for your practice.

The final little addition and technique I’m using is to dampen the strings with the side of my palm. To do this, simply place the side of your palm on your right hand just in-front of the bridge. To get the effect sounding great, you only need to apply a very slight amount of pressure. If you want to get a stronger dampened effect, simply press down a little harder.

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So there you have it, a really simple and fun exercise that you can use to get warmed up. Enjoy!