Brain May playing live

How to play guitar like Brian May

Welcome to a new series here at In this series we’re going to try a different take on articles about guitar heroes. We see ...
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Minor Scale Chord Theory

In the last couple of lesson we looked at the major scale in detail. We looked at how it is constructed and how to work ...
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Guitar tuner being used to tune a guitar

24 Free Online Guitar Tunners and Apps 2020

Being able to knock out a great riff is obviously awesome, but if you’re not in tune it’s going to sound like an embarrassing painful ...
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Guitar open strings

Guide to open string notes

  Introducing the Six Strings of the Guitar… Before we play a note or attempt to tune the guitar it is very important that we ...
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Daniel Steinhardt interview


Ever since I started playing the guitar, collecting, testing and generally messing around with pedals has been a major part of the enjoyment. So, when ...
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Orange Micro Terrror Review

Need an amp for the house without sacrificing great tone, but also not resulting in a divorce, eviction or a guest spot on ‘Neighbours from ...
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