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How To Play The E Major Chord


As far as first chords go, the E major chord is a really good one to get started with. As with all chords in our ‘simple chords’ series, the E Major chord only uses three fingers, and with a bit of practice is super easy to get used to.

The other benefit of learning this chord first is that it uses all strings, so you don’t have to worry about being too accurate with your strumming – you can feel free to just go for it!

So – what fingers do you need, and where do they go? The chart below outlines the finger positions you’ll need in order to play a clear E major chord:

E Major Chord

You can obviously use any fingers you like, but if you want to follow best practice and also stand the best chance of getting a clear sounding chord, then you should use the first finger, second finger, and third finger as displayed on the chart above.

As you can see, we’re only using the first and second frets, so you really don’t have to stretch too far.

If this is your first chord don’t worry if it doesn’t sound great to start with. A good tip if you’re only getting started is to practice putting each finger in place one by one. Slowly but surely your hand will get used to the feeling of your fingers being in the correct position.

Also make sure to use the very tips of your fingers. Again, it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but with a bit of practice you’ll start to feel a lot more used to it in no time at all.

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To help you visualise the chord and how to play it, the video below shows how to position your fingers, and which strings you should strum:

Best of luck, keep the practice up, and don’t forget to check out the rest of our easy chord series to help you get to your first full song in no time!


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