There are some amazing examples of custom guitars out there, but there’s something about the Telecaster that lends itself so well to getting the aged treatment.

I can’t think of anything better than a Tele with an old worn out fretboard, and with the lacquer and paint slowly wearing away on the body due to years of gigging.

Thankfully for those who like the look, but don’t have the time (or the want) to spend years wearing their guitar down, there are a number of custom models on the market that offer the aged look right out the box.

The purists might not like the idea, but if they look so right how can they be wrong? Plus, we’ve all paid good money for ripped jeans at one point in our lives right?

I decided to take off on a hunt for the best aged Telecasters I could find. Enjoy!

Road Worn 50’s Telecaster – Maple

If you are on the hunt for a beautiful road worn replica then the Road Worn 50’s Replica Telecaster above is not a bad place to start.

What I particularly love about this example is the detail. They haven’t just done a quick job on the paint, but all the hardware is worn to give a genuine look of age.

Beyond the amazing look, this Telecaster comes with a Maple neck and two Tex-Mex single coil pick-ups meaning classic Tele handling, and getting the signature scratch is going to be really easy to attain.

MJT Custom Aged Telecasters

MJT are a pretty interesting outfit specialising in aged finishes for a number of guitars, including the VTT model Telecaster above.

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What’s really cool is that the service they offer is completely custom – you pick your body, neck and all other materials and then select the degree of ageing you want to apply.

This means it’s perfectly possible to build out your perfect aged Telecaster by using all the parts you love, and either choosing to apply a subtle ageing look, or going totally mental and ordering a practically ruined instrument.

Atlantis Telecaster

Ok, so strictly speaking this isn’t an aged model as the body is almost pristine. However somewhere between the natural wood look and the aged hardware, the fretboard insets, and the engraved fretboard, it’s got a kind of ‘driftwood washed up on the beach’ type feel.

It is genuinely stunning!

However, if you’re lucky enough to actually find one for sale then it’s going to take a cool $16,000 to take it home with you. So it’s not exactly an impulse purchase, but just imagine how cool that would look next to the drinks cabinet.

Squier Vintage Modified Cabronita Telecaster w/ Bigsby

Let’s suppose you don’t have $13,000 to spend but you still want a vintage Telecaster, this option by Squier could tick more boxes than the cynic in you might think.

First off, we had to include at least one guitar in this list with a Bigsby tremolo. If you’re after a truly vintage look without relying on road damage, then one of the best instant fixes in the Bigsby. They just look so cool.

And then comes the price. At under £350 I can’t see you getting better looks for a price that comes anywhere close.

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